By Madeleine P. Maya


Undoubtedly, life is filled with choices from the time we are born to the moment we take our last breath. It is thru our choices that we experience life. A life made of correct choices and wrong choices. Those choices take us thru different journeys, meeting different people, living different experiences, and bringing us happiness and satisfaction or frustration, discontent and irritability. Those choices are there for us to learn, for us to grow. If it were simple, easy and even unpainful it may not provide the growth, change, and maturity that we need to move on.  Wrong choices, that take us to journeys of sorrow, should not be viewed as failures. It is those mistakes, those painful moments of incorrect choices that bring us to evolution.  Recognize them, hold your accountability and make the changes that need to be made. It is only when you can change, and move on that you will live a life of fulfillment and accomplishment. The lack of change and lack of correct choice will bring you to the same struggles and obstacles  until you learn.  Life is precious, it is short and we should treasure it as such. Until we discover the correct  course of action, we stagnate, we cannot move on, we cannot develop into the best that we can be. There is no time to lose. Reflect, analyze, if need be, seek help, and let go of those things that keep you lethargic, and immobile in growth and development. Choices are the doors that need to be opened in your life to reach the destinations that you desire and deserve.  Take the time to make the correct ones with intention and good decision.

Madeleine P. Maya

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